Sage vs Xero: Which Is Better?

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Sage vs Xero

Sage vs Xero: Which Is Better?

Sage vs Xero – “Is Sage better than Xero? Is Xero better than Sage? Which bookkeeping solutions to use for my business?”

If these questions are constantly popping in your head and you can’t get an answer to the Sage vs Xero dilemma, it is about time to see the benefits of both bookkeeping solutions and consider them before making a final decision.

Below is a full test of the most popular cloud based accountancy packages, Sage One and Xero, helping you pick the right one for your business. The line of features are very close between both, making it a tight competition.


Sage One Bookkeeping Features

Sage is a bookkeeping solution aimed to tailor to different sized businesses. As such, it is priced accordingly and has a version for small businesses which is the cheapest, a mid-level package which is a fully fledged accounting platform and a special package for accountants which includes Cloud Accounting and its payroll app for discounted rates.

Signing up on Sage is easy and there is a free trial too. The summary tab presents you with a list of options which range from entering customer details to connecting bank accounts. What’s good with Sage is that the customer is always first – plus a detailed ‘Settings’ page which lets you change various details.


Xero Bookkeeping Features

Xero is known to the world as one of the best bookkeeping software programs out there. It is perfect for the needs of small to medium sized firms, featuring everything from account management to billing to invoices, expense reporting and payroll.

It is also integrated with over 400 third party applications. Signing up is easy and linking a bank account is also extra helpful for the subscription. Once you do that, adding customers and suppliers – as well as sending invoices and managing payroll – are tasks which are simply figured out and laid out.


Sage Vs. Xero: Which To Choose?

The Sage vs Xero dilemma is a real one on the bookkeeping marketplace because of many reasons.

Sage One has a lot of scope for configuring your accounts. Xero, on the other hand, is easy to use and has powerful features under the hood. Even though it is difficult to give a single answer on which is better, Sage One seems to be easier and more logical to use compared to Xero.

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