What Our Clients Say

Here are what some of our clients have to say. The testimonials below are original and unedited.

Keith Edelman

bookkeeper london

“Dear Robert,

As you know I am a director of a number of Public Companies with market capitalisations from £70 million to over £800 million these include Thorntons Plc, Safestore Plc, Supergroup Plc and Goals Soccer Centres Plc.

I am also a shareholder in Metrobet where our Financial Accountant walked out and left our financial books and records in disarray and had not completed the updating of our financial accounting system for over eight months. PBS and Robert came into the business and completely transformed our financial records in a matter of months. They worked diligently and without any supervision and completed the task not only in a timely fashion but also in an organised and methodical manner.

Seven months after starting work for us we completed our audit in a satisfactory manner.

I would not hesitate to recommend PBS to anyone as if they can turn our situation which was totally chaotic into the organised result they achieved then it is clear they are both highly professional and and extremely talented.”

Alex Chesterman

bookkeeper london

“Dear Robert,

It is with great pleasure to provide you with a testimonial. I am a director of Bagelmania Uk that was established in late 1999 to develop and operate a chain of exciting retail catering outlets under the brand name bagelmania providing bagels, deli sandwiches and gourmet coffee. The first two sites at Market Place W1 and Lexington Street W1 were secured in late 1999 and the company rapidly expanded in acquiring more sites in the following years.

Robert Benveniste of Professional Bookkeeping Services joined us at the very outset when we just moved into our central head office. We were very pleased that we appointed him in joining us in our new venture. Robert was solely responsible in selecting and installing a new Sage accounting software and proceeding in setting up a new accounting system and customising to our specific business.

Our business expanded rapidly and it was of immense help that the accounting side of the business was always well maintained and controlled. Robert was in charge of all the bookkeeping, vat, accounts and payroll.

We found Robert very efficient and pleasant to work with. I would highly recommend PBS. Any start-up business and established business will benefit from his vast experience.”

  • Having been working with PBS and Robert for over 5 years we have always found the service to be excellent and I have never questioned my decision to appoint PBS and his team to look after our bookkeeping. When I first considered outsourcing our accounts department I was concerned about losing the hands on element of an in-house bookkeeper. After only a few weeks I concluded that I would never again employ a bookkeeper directly. The team is always on hand with the answers to any questions no matter how trivial and I trust them implicitly. The service is efficient whilst remaining approachable and friendly. Above all they really feel like an extension of our company. I have often recommended them and will continue to do so.
    Managing Director
  • Robert and his team has been undertaking bookkeeping on our behalf since 2005. We are extremely pleased with Robert’s work and consider him a part of our team. Receiving our accounts on a disc/drive we can pass on to our accountants has saved some major headaches for us. He is so professional and approachable in his day to day dealings. I therefore have no hesitation in recommending his services to other businesses.
    Julie Brooks
    Managing Director
  • My self and our firm are proud to recommend Professional Bookkeeping Services and Robert. They has served our firm for the past five years. Robert took over and straightened out a difficult situation in our firm. He was always there for us when we needed him and even brought things to our attention that we were not aware of or did not understand, thank you again.
    Dan W
    Managing Director
  • When I was looking for a bookkeeper for my startup, I assumed I would find the right firm close to my office. Imagine my surprise when I realized the best solution for my business was over 800 miles away! When I started working with Robert and his team distance was not an issue. I had all the help I needed online and on the phone. Roberts knowledge and mastery of the Sage Line 50 was exactly what I needed to get up and running. It was quick and it was painless. If you’re looking for first-rate bookkeeping services, look to Professional Bookkeeping Services. And don’t worry if they’re not next door, because as I found out, the right choice may be hundreds of miles away.
    Rachel Bloom
    Managing Director
  • For anyone needing a bookkeeper, I highly recommend Professional Bookkeeping Services. Very efficient and affordable. More than that, they actually understands business and “gets it”. Robert and the team go above and beyond bookkeeping and helps the company make good money decisions that save us money!
    Adam Perry
    Managing Director
  • We have been using Professional Bookkeeping Services successfully for over 6 years and hopefully for many years to come.
    Brian Tennent
    Managing Director

Jonathan Friedman

bookkeeper london

“Dear Robert

As you know, I’m not one to be free with plaudits and commendations. Indeed, perhaps over the many years you’ve been providing book keeping services, it shames me to say that i haven’t thanked you enough for your commitment to provide Beige with 100% reliable and effective book keeping service.

I would like to take the opportunity to say thank you for the services that you have been providing these past several years.

I has to be said, you have always delivered on time and on budget – which is no mean feat considering the troubled times the UK economy has seen.

Importantly, I would have no hesitation in recommending your professional services to others.

We look forward to continuing to work with you.

May your business continue to go from strength to strength.”

Avi Avital

bookkeeper london

“Dear Robert,

I am the main director and owner of several successful bakeries and coffee shops in London. We started with one bakery in late 1990 in the Hendon area and have now expanded in owning additional bakeries and running several coffee shops.

Robert has been in charge of our bookkeeping and financial  accounts for the last 16 years and still with us today always providing an excellent service. He takes care of supervising our accounts assistant,  prepares all the vat returns, processes all the payroll and producing management accounts during the year.

The accounts side of the business is very important to us and it is comforting to know we are always in control. We have had several HMRC vat visits over the years and again Robert has attended and fully satisfied their expectations of keeping proper and accurate bookkeeping records.

There have been many instances when it was necessary to work outside the normal working hours to meet certain deadlines or to resolve some urgent situation, Robert has been kind enough and flexible to meet our needs.

We value his professional work attitude and great experience and consider him a good friend and an important person in our organisation. I would not hesitate to recommend PBS.”

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