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An audit is a checking exercise of the financial records of a company also known as Auditor service London. An auditor will not check every figure otherwise it is like doing all the accounts all over again but will select different samples for testing. Depending on the results of the testing will pursue further or move on to another testing. An auditor is like an investigator and a good auditor can sniff and know where to explore further to get to the bottom of the examination.

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When an audit is a must ?

If any limited company exceeds 2 of the 3 conditions, then it a legal requirement for the accounts to be audited.

The thresholds changed from 1 January 2016 but see below before and now :

Before Now
Turnover   greater than 6.5m  greater than 10.2m
Total assets   greater than 3.2m  greater than 5.1m
No’ of employees     over 50 over 50

Small Company audit ?

Yes and many do for the following reasons

  • The company’s lender requires an audit
  • Directors may request an audit , an audit gives more assurance of the accuracy of the accounts
  • Shareholders may request an audit , again for assurance as to the financial statements accuracy

Auditing Service Checklist

  • Auditing Service Checklist

    • Do I need an audit ?
    • Can I still have an audit ?
    • What are the advantages over a non audit ?
    • Are my records correct ?

    We can answer these questions and provide the work.

Final Report

Once the work is complete, the auditor will write up a report explaining what has been done and giving an opinion on the financial statements.

Example – what the company owes and what is owed to the company, properly recorded in the balance sheet ?

Are profits or losses properly assessed ?

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How many days will it take to audit my company ?
What auditors can’t do ?

 Predict the future – the audit relates to a past accounting period. We do not judge what may happen in the future.


Are there any specific work undertaken ?

The directors or management may request for specific area of work to be checked over. Auditors are independent to the management and directors

so the result of any tests or judgement will be made objectively.

This may mean asking various questions formal to informal to a range of individuals at the organisation.

Examining the financial records , documents etc. with the different sections of the organisation.

Obtaining written confirmation of say asking a debtor to confirm how much they owe to the organisation.

Standing back add watching certain processes being performed.

We can assist this area of work.

What auditors can do ?

Give extra assurance as to the accuracy of the financial statements.

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