Outsourced Accounting London

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Outsourced Accounting London

Interested in hiring the best Outsourced Accounting London Service ?

Outsourcing your accounts has many advantages to employing staff on your books.

At PBS we will provide all the bookkeeping followed by Management Accounts and Year End Accounts to hand over to your Accountant at the end of each year. Costs savings, you only pay for the amount of work required , there is no idle time. You will save on employment Costs, no employer national insurance to pay , no employer pension contribution , no holiday entitlement costs to pay. We are more likely to be with you longer than your own staff ho will come and go for all different reasons , staff leaving after a few years looking for another job , relocation , maternity leave etc.

At PBS you will receive a personal service by seeing the same person each week and when holiday comes round , PBS will provide a backup of someone else until the main person returns, Your business does not get affected. Whether the work is done on your premises or ours, it will be the same person looking after your accounts. PBS will only charge you for what is required. PBS have on numerous occasions been asked to prepare the Management Accounts as we charge much less that your Accountant.

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Off-Site Dedicated Sage Expert Bookkeeper.


On-Site Dedicated Sage Expert Bookkeeper.

Procure To Pay

  • Transaction processing (accounts payable, travel/expense processing)
  • Financial integrity (supplier statement reconciliations, payment accuracy controls, interface management)
  • Help desk and supplier self-help portals

Order To Cash  

  • Collections and accounts receivable (everything from managing to processing collections, maintaining your ledger and applying cash)
  • Order management and billing (everything from managing contracts to sales orders, customer requests and enquiries)
  • Order-to-cash analytics (authorising and managing credit and revenue assurance activities)
  • Improving your cash flow (renegotiating customer and supplier payment terms, invoice financing, reducing duplicate payments, payment discounts etc.)

Record To Report

  • Asset and transactional processing (including fixed assets, intercompany accounting, cash management and banking).
  • Period close and data integrity (including master data maintenance, account reconciliation and analysis).
  • Financial and government reporting, financial, tax, management and statutory reporting.

Financial Planning And Analysis

  • Spend and revenue analysis, trend analysis and revenue forecasting.
  • Budgeting and reporting + industry specific business intelligence.
  • Asset recovery services
  • GAAP / IFRS analysis

System Implementation

  • System review, audit and analysis (reporting and identifying efficiency levels)
  • Improvement of your technological, system and in-house processes and procedures
  • Restructuring of the existing or implementing new system(s)
bookkeeper london

Every business is required to keep proper records of their income and expenditure.

To avoid receiving demands from HMRC for Tax returns and reminders not to mention penalties. Bookkeeping is the first important step in recording all source documentation accurately and should be done on a monthly basis to ensure your records are up to date and comply with the legal requirements.

However many people overlook the importance of bookkeeping until they receive a deadline letter in which must be met, they then start to panic and hand everything over to any accountant, who at this point will take advantage of your position and usually charge a very high fee to meet your deadline.

We provide you a dedicated bookkeeper to work from your office or ours who will manage your records on a monthly basis and notify you for any issues which may arise.

Professional Bookkeeping Services not only carry out your complete bookkeeping requirements and our accounting background also gives us the advantage of recording the bookkeeping entries in such a way to make it easier when producing management accounts and year end accounts at a later stage.

How It Works

Fill – Add your accounts paperwork (invoices, etc).

Post – Pop your envelope in the post or upload to our secured Dropbox account.

Relax – We will do the bookkeeping & accounting.

Receive – Get confirmation that the accounts have been completed.


Establishing a New Business – This package will include all your bookkeeping requirements with a fix monthly low fee whilst you continue to establish your new business and still keeping your cost low (up to 10 invoices for each category).

Start-Up – This package will include all your bookkeeping and VAT returns requirements with a fix monthly low fee whilst you continue to expand your new business whilst keeping your cost low (up to 15 invoices for each category).

Entrepreneur – VAT Registered – This package will include all your bookkeeping requirements with a fix monthly low fee to establish your new business whilst keeping your cost low (up to 15 invoices for each category).


Managment Accounts (Profit & Loss Report) – £40 / £60

Additional Invoice – £1